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At Traffic Advertising, we’re always looking for talented people to join our team. Check out the jobs listed below and if you’ve got what it takes, apply!


Account Executive

The Account Executive is a fully integrated member of the account services team, working on a continuously involved basis with the client, media, cooperative advertising, and creative production departments. Primary job duties include:

• Involved in strategy development for account planning and budgets, including creative execution, media placement, and client presentation delivery.
• Responsible for developing marketing coordinators (i.e. assistant position to the account executive position).
• Manage the execution of new creative programs for clients based on market and competitive analyses.
• Responsible for setting and tracking all appropriate media and creative development timetables.
• Manage support departments and the group to ensure timely and accurate delivery of creative, billing, collections, and planning.
• Review and respond to all clients and sales results as required by the agency’s policy.
• Develop new account leads.
• Attend all relevant meetings (internal, external, and via phone conference), proactively disseminating information at all decision points.
• Presentation of creative, media, promotion and merchandising elements to the client as needed.
• Develop presentation modules for client use. Identify when market research, competitive analysis, and consumer insights are required.
• Work with department groups to establish an effective dealer•oriented marketing program to gain support at the client management level.
• Display ongoing commitment and passion to client business through communication, responsiveness, and knowledge.
• Understand the client’s market and translate this into strategic advertising and promotional plans.
• Understand, respond to, and integrate client input.
• Ensure that monthly billings are accurate, client questions are resolved, and that invoices match budgets.
• Release ads with appropriate legal disclosures that correspond with overall client direction and have client’s final approval.
• Work with the media department on presentations that can accomplish client traffic (and sales) goals.
• Work with the media department on identifying and delivering special opportunity programs.
• Work with the media department on completing quarterly and annual media buys.
• Ensure that client media dollars are maximized through cost efficient buying and the overall media mix.
• Present client media budgets accurately and on time for effective implementation.
• Ensure that the media department maintains strong working relationships with market media reps.
• Communicate necessary estimates of information to the media department for accurate budgeting, being sure to give complete and clear direction including estimated production charges for radio, TV, and value•added products.

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator is an integral member of the account services team, working directly with his or her assigned Account Executive to execute all marketing and advertising plans for the client. Primary job duties include:

• Creation and management of daily client sales and ups tracking sheets
• Creation and management of Production Sheets (by Account Executive)
• Creation and management of Offers and Disclaimers Sheets
• Creation and management of Mailer Tracking Sheets
• Creation and management of weekly Ad Alerts
• Creation and management of media calendars
• Maintenance of client monthly budgets (major media changes excluded)
• Creation and submission of client phone call tracking reports to AE and/or client
• Creation, management, and submission to AE and/or client of any of the following jobs as assigned: e-
blasts, print ads, direct mail pieces, digital assets such as display banners and Web site rotators, etc.
• Creation, submission (to AE), and presentation of competitive analyses
• Proof all assigned ads before submission to AE and/or client (i.e. grammar, spelling, manufacturer compliance, legal concerns, etc.)
• Submit assigned ads directly or to the co-op department for manufacturer compliance pre-approval submission
• Confirm receipt of all released jobs
• Assist AE in completing the numbers section of month•end reports
• Conduct continual market research (as assigned) regarding client related community events
• Creation and submission of monthly media tickets
• Send traffic for various jobs (i.e. print ads, radio and TV spots, etc.)
• Release jobs
• Close jobs
• Communicate with assigned clients as directed and as necessary to complete everyday asset changes for release

Traditional and Digital Media Buyer and Planner

This position is critical within the Traffic Advertising media department. This person is an avid media fan and dedicates his or her time to all things media, especially planning client media strategies and negotiating and placing media buys that include both traditional and digital components. Primary job duties include:

• Evaluate assigned client media needs to strategically plan and recommend buys of all media types, including but not limited to: TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoor, digital extensions of traditional media such as home page takeovers, display and retargeting campaigns, and Pandora. This includes recommending media type(s), programming, daypart(s), flight(s), rotation(s), spot length(s), etc.
• Negotiate rates with media partners to obtain most competitive prices.
• Continually monitor, optimize, and evaluate buying strategies by client, making adjustments as necessary or as directed by the Media Director.
• Build strong and valuable relationships with media partners to increase client benefits and grow client opportunities.
• Put together monthly and as-needed media presentations for client proposals and account services team reference materials.
• Attend and sometimes lead strategic brainstorm sessions regarding media buying initiatives and opportunities with account services team.
• Coordinate and present the launch of assigned media campaigns with the account services team.
• Ensure that all buys remain within the client’s budget.
• Keep abreast of current media and market knowledge and share with the agency team. This includes a general knowledge of popular cable, network, and radio programming and shifts, general national and market demographics by media type, current media monitoring assessment methods, etc.
• Handle media posts.
• Reconcile all media buying for billing process.